Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prom Dress Weeks

" Little girl, all the world will be yours tonight

My queen of the senior prom

And some day you'll recall, being belle of the ball

In your beautiful gown of white"

(The Mills Brothers - Queen Of The Senior Prom)

Hey, Prom Night is Coming!

Imagine you’re standing in the ballroom, surrounded by your besties and boyfie.

Your high school theme is played by your favourite band and you dance along the music...

Every detail should be perfect in Prom night.

The band, playlist, photo preparation, date, hairstyle, the dress… YES! The Dress!!

The Dress should be as perfect as the sunshine on the mid of august, shining, eye-catching and outstanding!

We know, its not easy to find perfect dress that youre dreaming, so why don’t you make it?

Come to our house;

Happy go Lucky House and meet one of our favourite designer KIKIchan of “Fragrance Kikichan” to do your complete custom dress.

For you that cant hardly wait to have your own dress, there will be ready to wear dresses from HUNTING FIELDS and get 20% discount for other dresses that we already selected by showing your student ID.

Prom Dress Weeks is held from 24th May until 6th June 2010 (1 pm to 5 pm)

At Happy go Lucky House Jl. Ciiwung #14 Bandung ; Phone : 022 723 4162

Don’t forget that this night only happens once, and everyone will remember it forever.

See you at our place....